2018 Symposium Seminar Descriptions


Allan Brown Regular Member Seminar – June 19 & 20, 2018, Limit 12 participants each day

Two independent one-day seminars for Regular Member status participants only. Observation only fee will only be offered after the seminar is at full capacity.

Day One Bench — Safe Purge valve

Day One Lathe — “No Blow” emphasis on Borosilicate Techniques, including straight seals (centrifugal), large tubing fire-cutting (about 90mm) and no blow bends (3/4” tubing).

Day Two Bench — 4 Valve Double Vacuum Manifold construction.

Day Two Lathe: — Quartz Techniques. Side seals, Frit and window installation

* I am excited to announce: We are adding Bench Tooling this year to our program! Each day of the program will have an opportunity to do some tooling.

Lathe Skills Part # 1 – Tues. June 19, 2018 am
While all are welcome to attend, the Lathe Skills class will focus on helping those with some glass background but have limited or no scientific glassblowing experience. With a combination of demonstration and detailed verbal descriptions, this class will demonstrate roughly 12 techniques covering every major process used in building complex glassware on the lathe. Bring your notebooks and curiosity to learn how custom scientific glassware is designed and built in a research setting, beginning with a rough sketch and leading to a finished piece of apparatus.

Lathe Skills Part # 2 Hands On -Tues. June 19, 2018 pm, ** Limit 8 participants.**
This continuation of Lathe Skills 1 will offer a limited number of participants the opportunity to try some of the techniques shared in the morning session. Actual hands-on time will be limited but the chance to learn will not! Bring a sharp pencil and a 2nd notebook to reinforce and refine the planning, preparation and execution of fabricating scientific apparatus on the glassblowing lathe. Observation only fee will only be offered after the seminar is at full capacity.

Sandblasting with Photo Resist – Tues. June 19, 2018 am **Limit 10 participants**
The photo resist technique for sandblasting glass is a very versatile and useful technique. The production of photo resist masks is within the reach of even the smallest glass shop. Participants will learn basic photo resist and sandblasting techniques which can be used to create unique logos, awards or permanent scales and identifying marks. Each participant will have the opportunity to work with the materials and create a photo resist mask. The masks will then be applied to sample pieces and sandblasted for a finished product. Observation only fee will only be offered after the seminar is at full capacity.

Glass Cutting Techniques – Tues. June 19, 2018 pm
Participants in this class will learn various ways of cutting glass. The main focus will be on using a wet saw with a diamond blade. Discussed will be the different blade types, how to set up a wet saw and true the blade, various ways of holding the glass for safe cutting and a variety of techniques to achieve clean, nice cuts in glass. Flat glass cutting techniques using a glass cutter and guide will also be demonstrated and discussed. This will be a practical seminar with demonstrations of the various methods and how and when to use them.

Colors Across the COE’s – Wed. June 20, 2018 am
A demonstration that explores the world of color in glass. Garret Oaks will cover such topics as the composition of colored glasses as well as the differences and similarities of working with the various COE’s.

Build your own full color polariscope – Wed. June 20, 2018 am
Ever wonder how a polariscope works? This seminar will cover how a polariscope works; why some polariscopes show in color and others are black and white; how to interpret what the colors mean; and how the annealing process helps to reduce breakage. Many examples of stress in glass will be shown and discussed. Participants in the class will leave with a 9” x 12” lighted area, full color polariscope.

(Special bonus feature! Bring something that broke while you were working on it and let the group: 1) deconstruct why it may have broken and 2) how to prevent it from happening next time.)

Annealing Oven Repairs and Maintenance – Wed. June 20, 2018 pm
Dan Wilt will discuss maintenance topics for and demonstrate proper repair techniques for Annealing Ovens, such as electrical connections that can loosen, corrode, and fail, thermocouple issues, controller problems and solutions. Also, he will show some simple repairs for firebrick and heating element issues.

The Chemistry of Silvering Glassware – Wed. June 20, 2018 pm ** Limit 15 participants.**
This seminar will include a discussion and hands-on tutorial of the Brashear method for silvering glassware. We will examine the underlying chemistry of the process, discuss all necessary preparations for reagents and glassware, and demonstrate methods for silvering both internal and external surfaces of glass vessels. We will also experiment with a variation on this method that can be used to produce a darkened mirror. Small flasks and watch glasses will be provided, and participants may bring their own small (< 250 mL), clean vessels for silvering if they wish .Observation only fee will only be offered after the seminar is at full capacity.

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