2018 Technical Presentations


Technical Demonstrations, Thursday, June 21st 8:00am to 5:00pm

Tracey DrierUniversity of Wisconsin – Madison, Title: “Electrical feed through seal using tungsten”

Chris Bock – SeaCubeCo, Title: “Production Bends”

Blake Bortolin – Precision Glassblowing of Colorado, Title: “Multi-layer Dewar Seal”

Joe Gregar – Argonne National Laboratory, Title: ” Different techniques to make 90 degree seals”

Phillip Legge – Scientific Glass Design, Title: “Ring Seals Three Ways”

Elijah Aller – University of Oslo, Norway, Title: “Half Insulated Mini Reactor for the Synthesis of Nano Crystals”

Jack Korfhage – Bayou Glassblowing, Title: “Fully Jacketed 2000Ml Flask”

Hideaki Hashimoto – Tokyo Seisakshiyo Co., Ltd, Title: “Precision no blow 25mm diameter sidearm side seal on a lathe

Klaus Paris – Glasblaeserei Heino Paris, Title: “Graphite felt- another material to manufacture jacketed beakers”

Tsuyoshi Nakamura – Nakamura Ltd. – TRGK, Title: “Sealing a 5mm thick window onto borosilicate tubing”



Technical Posters Presentations and Judging: Friday. June 22nd 8:30am to 9:30am

We would love to see additional posters from the membership! Please consider contributing!

The following members are presenting Technical Posters

Erin Mayberry University of Oklahoma, “Cumulative Value of My ASGS Membership”

Corina Guerra 3M, “An easier way to do a double stick seal”

Tracy Drier University of Wisconsin – Madison, “Wisconsin Schlenk Line System”

Benjamin Revis – University of Iowa, “Quartz Inner Leur Joint Grinding”

Doni Hatz – Procter and Gamble, “Constant Temperature Water Bath, Jacketed Beaker”



Technical Papers, Friday, June 22nd 10:00am to 5:00pm

There is still time available for additional paper presenters! Please consider sharing your expertise!

Jim Hodgson – Kansas State University – “A Re-purposed Rotavap for Peptide Synthesis”

Steven Sweat – Microglass, Title: “From Object to Project – a Primer on the Procedural Approach to Scientific Glassblowing

S. Elayne Ashley – Georgia Tech University, Title: “A Look into Volcanology Through the Glass Fluidization Cup.”

Tracy Drier – University of Wisconsin – Madison, Title: “Point of Excellence: Machine Shop

Brian Markowicz – California Institute of Technology, Title: “Growing Bismuth Crystals in the kiln, timing, techniques and methods

Bryan Brown – Gravitron, Title: “Imagination of the Electrics

Mike Souza – Princeton University – “ICEMAG: The Flight Ready Process of Constructing Magnetometers for a Journey to Europa”

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