Allan Brown Regular Member Workshop

The Allan Brown Regular Member Workshop is two full-day workshop intended for Regular Members. Regular Members will be given first choice and remaining spots can be given to Artistic and Associate Members.  Various lathe and bench work techniques will be demonstrated and taught.  This years instructors will be Kevin Teaford, Ron Legge, Neal Korfhage and Kyle Meyer.  The projects are listed below, instructor bios and more details to come.

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DAY 1 July 18th

                -Bench                  Double Coil Condenser
                -Lathe                   ½ Jacketed Flask                             

DAY 2 July 19th            

                -Bench                  Straus Flask
                -Lathe                   Fritted Gas Diffusion Bottle


Joseph Gregar Junior Member Workshops

Junior Member Workshops are open to Student and Junior Members of the ASGS.  The program is free of charge and attendees must apply to receive a space in the workshops.  An application is available through the national office.  Candidates will be considered between March 14th and March 21st.

Corina Guerra
Ron Bihler
Abraham Javier
AnnaLee Pickett
Art Ramirez

Sealing windows on the lathe
Optical grinding and polishing
Cutting a quartz tube length wise then sealing it back together
Quartz dewer seal
Slopped pipette
Sealing hex bases on the lathe