Joseph S Gregar Junior Member Seminar

Registration process for a seat in the seminar

The Joseph S Gregar Junior seminar is for emerging glass talent: those folks who have 5 years or less experience as a scientific glassblower. Typically, you know your way around a glass shop somewhat, but don’t feel completely confident and might need a helping hand here and there, particularly with something new that you haven’t made before.

The principal Instructor is Christopher Bock, assisted by Benjamin Revis and others.

As a benefit of ASGS membership, seats are restricted to ASGS student Junior members and by approval of the Instructor. Recipients of the Exhibitor, Memorial, Delaware Valley or Randy Searle awards are still required to submit an application.

Please click here to apply for a seat.

This year's curriculum is:

  On the lathe:
  Set up a drag bar and learn to use it for glass forming/tooling
  Quartz straight seals

  At the bench:
  Quartz tubing bends
  Quartz T-seals
  Quartz processing: proper handling, storage, and cleaning of quartz tubing to maintain a pristine surface
  Chemical silvering of the interior of a glass vessel

  In the classroom:
  Troubleshooting and dealing with customers
  Learning to identify different types of glass