2018 Battle Top Competition

Tuesday, June 19th 6:00pm – 9:00pm



All contestants will be randomly selected out of a hat to determine the match ups. We will setup brackets so people can follow throughout the meeting. There will be double elimination ending in two brackets. The winners of the last 2 brackets will compete for first and second place. The bottom finishers will compete for third place.

Ways to win

    • Knock opponent out of the ring.
    • Out spin your opponent’s top.




Regulations on tops

  • Tops can be solid, or hollow glass. Clear, colored glass, or a mix of colored glass can be used to construct the top.

    Battle Top Diagram

  • Tops may be sandblasted.
  • There is no weight limit.
  • Tops can be made on the bench or on a lathe.
  • Size requirement *please see the diagram *


Rules for Battle

  • Each battle is a one on one battle.
  • Each match is a battle best two out of three.
  • You can stand or sit while you throw your top into the arena.
  • Each battle starts while each contestant counts down from 3 to 1. At the count of 1 each contestant throws the top into the ring. Best attempt to release the tops at the count of 1 should be made. If there is a blatant disrespect of the rule that contestant will lose that round of the battle.
  • In the case of a draw the round is played over.

Definition of a draw: Both contestants throw their tops out of the arena, or both tops are knocked out of the arena.


The arena will be a circle 20 inches in diameter. With a slight angle or very shallow bowl effect.

Safety Warning

Safety glasses are required. Some tops may break and throw glass into the air. We want everyone to have a good time.


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