2018 Exhibitors


We are privileged each year to have many vendors who support the discipline that is Scientific Glassblowing attend our symposia. This year is no exception. Please make it a priority to visit these exhibitors the evenings of Wednesday (6/20/2018) 5pm – 9pm and Thursday (6/21/2018) 4pm – 7pm.

Exhibitors (Alphabetical Order)

Arnold Gruppe

Website: www.arnold-gruppe.de/en/fairs.html

Representative: Bob Halbreiner

Booth: E6


Carlisle Machine Works

Website: http://carlislemachine.com

Representatives: Mary Dougherty, LuAnn Elliott

Booth E5


Carter Glassblowing Inc.

Website: https://www.cgquartz.com/

Representatives: Rocky Carter, Mark Chamberlin

Booth: E9


Chemglass Life Sciences

Website: https://chemglass.com/

Representatives: David Surdam, Phil Surdam

Booth: E4


Donghai Yukang Quartz Materials Co, Ltd

Website: http://www.ykquartz.com/Hva_En/ProductList.asp?SortID=4&SortPath=0,4,

Representatives: Andy Sun, Xu Wang

Center Aisle, Table 1


Friedrich and Dimmock Inc.

Website: www.fdglass.com/

Representatives: Brent Thorn, Ming Capella

Center Aisle, Table 8


GM Associates LLC

Website: www.gmassoc.com

Representatives: Deborah Camp, Scott Camp

Center Aisle, Table 5 and Table 6


High Volume Oxygen


Representatives Marc Kornbluh, Carrie Strope

Booth: E12


Larson Electronic Glass

Website: https://www.larsonelectronicglass.com/

Representatives: Larry Bitz, Chuck Kraft

Booth: E10


Litton Engineering Labs

Website: www.littonengr.com

Representative: Victor Mathews

Booth: E13


North Jersey Diamond Wheel

Website: www.diamondwheels.com/

Representatives: Bonnie Clark

Center Aisle, Table 3 and Table 4



Website: www.pedcohill.com

Representative: Newt Hill

Center Aisle, Table 9


Precision Glassblowing Inc.

Website: https://www.precisionglassblowing.com/

Representatives: Ron Bihler, Jay Meikrantz

Booth: E2


Scientific Machine Products / SciMac

Website: https://www.scimac.com/

Representative: Elizabeth Landau

Booth: E11


Technical Glass Products Inc.

Website: www.technicalglass.com/

Representatives: Jack Watson

Booth: E7


TRGK, a Japanese glass association,

Website: http://www.trgk.jp/

Representative:Tsuyoshi Nakamura

Booth E3


VM Glass Company

Website: www.vmglass.com/

Representatives: Michael Greico, Annehe Greico

Booth: E13


Wale Apparatus Co.

Website: https://www.waleapparatus.com/

Representatives: Dennis Wargo, Dan Brucker

Booth: E1


Wilt Industries

Website: http://www.wiltindustries.com/

Representatives: Daniel Wilt, Kendal Wilt

Center Aisle: Table 2

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