Chairs and Presenters


We have a huge cast and crew that made this symposium possible. If you have questions or concerns feel free to reach out.

A new feature of this year’s symposium is the inclusion of SCC scientific glass blowing students as assistants in the planning of the symposium. Student assistants will also be heavily involved in the smooth operation of the symposium once it’s begun. If you see a student hustling to get the next demo set up or support the home office in their work, etc, recognize them for their contribution and make it clear that WE need them. If the ASGS is to continue they must be willing to step up and in time take over.

First is the top shelf planning crew
who are also the behind the scenes workers during the symposium

Symposium Co-Chairs: Kate Jones &  Klaus Paris 

Symposium Coordinator:  Ron Bihler

Allan B. Brown Regular Member Seminar: Kevin Teaford      Assisted by Maxwell Montini

Joseph S. Gregar Junior Member Seminar: Christopher Bock     Assisted by Maxwell Montini

Workshop/Seminar Chair: Erich Moraine    Assisted by Reed Allison

Demonstrations Chair: Chandra Lamberth     Assisted by Katia Edquist and Ashton Heffner

Exhibitor Co-Chairs: Dave Surdam   &  Dennis Wargo

Technical Posters: Chair Adam Kennedy     Assisted by Jothe symseph Horvat

Papers Co-Chairs: Celeste Tsang & Lenorah Stott

Open Flame: Nicole Stowe

Art Auction Co-Chairs: Katherine Cheetham & Ruth Babbitt     Assisted by Truman Long & Morgan Pasternak



Next is the cast of the symposium performance

These are the folks who took the time and made the effort to present at this year’s symposium. They  deserve a big round of applause for their dedication and courage.

Aaron Kirchhoff



Aaron Kirchhoff is founder and owner of Strong Force Scientific Glass, a glass fabrication business dedicated to fabricating exceptionally unique and specialized glassware for the scientific industry while also providing design and engineering support for customers. SFSG is adapted to function as a supportive collaborator for researchers in the ever-growing breadth of contemporary processes in scientific research. Aaron has a BA from the University of Iowa, an AAS and AFA in Glass from Salem Community College, and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College. In the technical glass field, he has worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and North Dakota State University, before founding SFSG in 2015. He has taught at the University level, and also teaches classes for the general public through the Plains Art Museum. 

Adam Kennedy








Adam graduated from Salem Community College in 2010. Upon graduation he was hired as the apprentice glassblower at U of Texas Austin under Michael Ronalter. In 2014 Adam took over operation of the U of Texas Austin glass shop.


Angela McHale




Angela McHale earned her BFA with a concentration in glass from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2017 and AAS in Scientific Glass Technology from SCC in 2021. Her work grapples with concepts such as feminine strength, environmental fragility, and the apocalypse. She is inspired by mythology, science and how they relate to current events; most notably the climate crisis. Angie was drawn to plasma light sculpture like a moth is drawn to flame, and is inspired by the close relationship between art and science in this budding artform. With plasma light sculpture she harnesses energy, utilizing the glow as metaphor for the soul, and draws parallels between the noble gasses in her sculptures and our planets’ changing atmosphere.  Angie’s multi-chamber plasma vessels demonstrate how her study of scientific glass has lent an ever increasing level of complexity to her work.


Annalee Pickett







Annalee Pickett started blowing glass beads as a home hobby in 2006, not knowing it would eventually lead her into scientific glass. She graduated from Salem CC’s Scientific Glass Program with honors in 2011 and worked in commercial glass shops for ten years. Annalee is currently the Manager for the Scientific Glass Shop at the University of Georgia and loves her work there. She was sworn in as the President of the ASGS in 2023.


Bandhu Dunham



Born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1959, Bandhu Dunham began to teach himself lampwork/flamework technique in 1975, while still in high school. Now an internationally respected glass artist, author and teacher, his work is in the permanent collections of numerous museums in the US and abroad, including the Corning Museum of Glass, The Museum of Arts and Design, The Museum of Glass, The Sandwich Glass Museum, Museum für Glaskunst (Germany), Niijima Glass Art Center (Japan), and Osaka University of Arts. He is known for his whimsical, groundbreaking kinetic sculptures in glass as well as goblets and abstract Spheres and Baskets. Bandhu’s Contemporary Lampworking books are the authoritative, standard instructional texts in his field. He regularly teaches workshops at craft schools and private studios around the United States and internationally. In 2010 he was Visiting Foreign Instructor at Osaka University of Arts in Osaka, Japan. The fully revised and expanded Fourth Edition of Bandhu’s authoritative Contemporary Lampworking books will soon be available.


Benjamin Revis

Blake Jurlich

Bob Singer

Carlos Rodriguez Flores







I work as a Scientific Glassblower at Oak Ridge National Laboratory providing services to all staff at the institution,
working with Quartz, Borosilicate and sometimes with GE 180.


Dr. Catherine Jackson

Charlie Manion




Charlie Manion is an interdisciplinary artist from the American Midwest. Focused on glass, sound, and social relations, he translates gestures across disciplines—sculptures that perform music, music that evokes machinery, instructions for improvisation—and assembles them into performative installations. He has worked as a scientific lampworker, touring musician, and was the public glass studio manager at Firebird Community Arts in Chicago before pursuing an MFA at the NY State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, where he teaches glassblowing and writes about material culture.

Chris Bock

Devin Shields





Devin Shields graduated SCC and promptly began work at Chemglass Lifescience followed by AGI and is now residing at Millipore-Sigma in Wisconsin. He loves to test his skills by mending scientific and plasma art. When need arises, he acts as an amateur machinist.


Doug Navalinsky

Doug Ohm

Dylan Carl

Holly Fels

Jill Korgemani

James Hodgson





Graduated from Kansas State University in 1982 with a BS degree in Geophysics. Jim was employed in the oil exploration business with Kerr-McGee Oil Company and Western Geophysical. He then received an Associate Degree in Scientific Glassblowing from Salem Community College. He has been employed as the scientific glassblower at Kansas State University for more than 25 years. Jim has served as the ASGS National Treasurer, ASGS National President and is currently chair of the Publications Committee.


John Kruesi

Katie Severance

Kayla James

Kevin Teaford

Kyle Meyer

Lauren Aria



Lauren Aria (she/they) is a glass artist and sculptor based in Madison, WI. Her work explores relationships of material codependency between the corporeal and synthetic, violating boundaries between interiority and exteriority of the body. Lauren graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2022, where she received the highly prestigious Windgate – Lamar Fellowship Award from the Center for Craft in Asheville, NC.

Currently, Lauren works as a scientific glassblower alongside Tracy Drier for the UW-Madison Chemistry Department Glass Shop. She does all work for the shop including fabrication consultation, repairs, and custom orders. Lauren has also spoken and given demonstrations for American Scientific Glassblowing Society Meetings and Symposia; and has shared technical papers through the glassblowers’ journal Fusion.


Mike Greico

Nolan Galb

Paul Vanouse

Patrick DeFlorio

Patrick Gadzinski

Phil Legge

Ron Legge

Rich Brainard

Robin DeGroof

Tracy Drier



Tracy Drier began his career as a paper engineer, but glassblowing was always his first love. When he
turned 30, he decided to make the switch, and moved to South Jersey to enroll in the scientific
glassblowing program at Salem Community College. The following year, he took a position with Aldrich
Chemical Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the fall of 2000, he moved to Madison, Wisconsin to
take on a new role as the Master Glassblower for the University of Wisconsin Chemistry Department. In
this position, he particularly enjoys working with end-users to design, build and refine glassware to meet
their research needs.


Zachary Love