Technical Demonstrations

Technical Demonstrations

(Not necessarily presented in this order)


You call that a side seal! – Dylan Karle
This will be a demonstration of the sculptural applications of unusual side seals. I will prepare one piece, and then spend the rest of the time sealing several bubbles together, smoothing out the seals, talking about positioning, and how I work through projects like these. I utilized this method to create around 20 3 foot long centipedes for a client.

Sealing Perforated Quartz Disk – Carlos Rodriguez Flores
Carlos will be demonstrating how to hold and seal a perforated quartz disk quartz disk inside of a quartz tube.

How is your neck? – Joe Sharp
Joe Sharp, from Ace Glass will demonstrate how to pull off a stock neck and seal on a custom one. He will show how to measure out the radius and seal on a couple side necks as well.

Angled Suprasil Window Seal Using Glass Torches and FixtureAndy Benowitz
Andy will be demonstrating how to seal an angled suprasil window using a self-made glass fixture. He will go into detail of the how he designed and constructed the fixture along with the pro’s and cons of working with them.

Valves, Valves, Everywhere Valves – Annalee Pickett
Threaded glass valves are a higher standard of laboratory glassware for vacuum systems. Stop by and see how a Sample Bottle for vacuum line applications is made. The apparatus will be showcasing a 0-4mm High Vacuum threaded glass valve. Different styles of threaded glass valves will be on display during the demonstration.

Build a diffusion pump skirt using high temp felt packing – Devin Shields