Technical Posters

Technical Posters for 2024

Posters will be up and available for viewing all week in the Glass Center.
During poster judging on Wed 11:30 – 12:30 the authors will be available to answer questions.


Make your own glass KF flange – Aaron Kirchhoff

Micro Sublimations – Adam Kennedy

How to make Kappas and similar tools – Bandhu Dunham

Quartz Still for Tungsten 188 processing – Carlos Rodriguez

Machinist, a Glassblower’s Best FriendĀ – Devin Shields

Order of Business – Jill Korgemagi-Clarke

Holding at an Angle – Jim Hodgson

Bridging the Flameworking Community– Glass Education Exchange (GEEX)

3D Printing Applications for the Glass Shop – Lauren Aria, Tracy Drier, Sebastian Thompson

Glass Micro-Capillary Electrodes for Corrosion Research – Tracy Drier, Lauren Aria, Changkyu Kim