Technical Posters

Technical Posters for 2024

Posters will be up and available for viewing all week in the Glass Center.
During poster judging on Wed (time to be determined) the authors will be available to answer questions.


Make your own glass KF flange – Aaron Kirchhoff

Micro Sublimations – Adam Kennedy

How to make kappas and similar tools – Bandhu Dunham

Quartz Still for Tungsten 188 processing – Carlos Rodriguez

Machinist, a Glassblower’s Best FriendĀ – Devin Shields

TBD – Jill Korgemagi

TBD – Jim Hodgson

3D Printing Applications for the Glass Shop – Lauren Aria, Tracy Drier, Suzanne Peck

Glass Micro-Capillary Electrodes for Corrosion Research – Tracy Drier, Lauren Aria, Changkyu Kim

TBD – Zachary Love